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What Is “Healthy Snacks”?
Healthy Snacks is a healthy option employers can provide for their employees at work and can be used as part of a company’s wellness program. This is year round program with a month-to-month contract.
We provide businesses with a mini refrigerator that is stocked weekly with fresh local fruits.  Healthy Snacks not only promotes a healthy environment at work, but also provides employees’ the natural and sustainable energy needed to keep performing at a high level.
Studies have shown that company-based wellness programs are becoming a strategic imperative, with returns on investment as high as 6 to 1 (depending on the efficiency of the company’s program).
According to a March 2011 article on only 32.5% of adults consume the minimum fruit requirement daily.
What is the process?

ProFarm Produce will provide and install a small refrigerator unit at the customer’s location. This unit will be stocked with 10 pounds of produce weekly totaling 40 pounds monthly. We will work with the customer to arrange a scheduled drop off that is both consistent and discrete.

With a variety of different fruits farmed by ProFarm Produce, the refrigerator unit will be stocked with fruits specific to the season. Therefore, customers can expect multiple varieties of apples, peaches, nectarines, apricots, pluots, and pears.

Cost & Quantity

Organic fruit - $25/week… Includes 10 lbs. organic fruit (25-32 produce items) delivered weekly for a total of 40 lbs. per month. Broken down cost per pound is $2.50/lb.

Conventional Fruit - $20/week… Includes 10 lbs. conventional fruit (25-32 produce items) delivered weekly for a total of 40 lbs. per month.  Broken down cost per pound is $2.00/lb.

*Other cost and quantity options are available based on location and size of business*

Varieties of Fruits
Apples (numerous varieties) --> All Year Round
Apricots (numerous varieties) --> June-August
Peaches (numerous varieties) --> July-September
Nectarines (numerous varieties) --> July-September
Pluots --> August-September
Pears --> August-November
California Oranges --> December-June
Manderins --> December-June

*Fruit varieties will vary weekly depending on availability and season*

Where does the fruit come from?
All fruit under the “Healthy Snacks” program will be from a local source. Profarm Produce is based out of Zillah, Washington in the Yakima valley and will provide the majority of the produce. Upon times when ProFarm cannot supply the amount necessary for delivery we will gain the needed amount from local farms in the neighboring area.
How do I get started?
For more information on how to sign up for the program please contact Shane Stonemetz (Owner) or Nicholas Bowden (Manager). We would love to answer any questions or setup an appointment to meet.

Shane Stonemetz: E-mail  Phone: (509) 280-3900

Nicholas BowdenE-mail  Phone: (253) 217-1530