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What is a CSA?
While new in name, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) brings us back to an earlier time; a time when people knew where their food came from, ate in harmony with the seasons, and enjoyed a delicious, healthy diet of pure, fresh foods.
A CSA farming operation is a combined effort between a farm and a community of supporters (known as harvest shareholders, members, shareholders) that creates a direct relationship between the production and consumption of the fruits and vegetable: Each season the harvest shareholders provide payment up front for their shares. The payment is then used by the farm to operate, grow and assure quality fruit for you during the season's harvest. Operating costs include seeds, labor, growing supplies and soil-building amendments. Most CSA’s disclose that if they lose their crop, you lose your weekly supply plus your money. At ProFarm Produce we do things a little bit different. We have been farming for 4 generations and our relationship with other farmers grows deep. If we were to lose our crop for some unforeseen reason, we will use our contacts in the farming industry to assure that you will still receive your weekly basket.
The CSA model is an economically viable way for small scale farmers like ProFarm Produce to produce a wide variety of high quality fruits and vegetables. Our CSA’s main goal is to create responsible relationships between the grower, the consumer, the food, and the land on which the food is grown.
How does a CSA Work?
ProFarm Produce CSA Program is dedicated to supplying you with fresh fruit and produce on a weekly basis for 18 weeks per year starting in June and ending in October.
When you sign up for our CSA, you will select the location of where you’ll be responsible for picking up your weekly share.  You will need to show up at that farmers market you selected between market hours.  If you aren’t able to pick up your share for whatever reason, let us know in advance and we will work with you to figure out a solution.
During your sign up, you will also be asked whether you want to purchase a full share or half-share.  Each share will contain between 7-12 fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis.  A full share cost $495 and typically feeds a family of 4 people or more.  The half share is for $295 and is for a smaller family.  The half share will consist of either fewer items per week, or less quantity of each item. 
Extra fruit or produce can be purchased at our farmers market locations. You can contact us by email any time with questions at
Pros & Cons of a CSA
  • You will receive fresh, non-contaminated fruits and vegetables.
  • You will have the opportunity to meet and talk to the people who are growing the food that you are eating.
  • You will help support a 4th generation family farm and enjoy the highest quality fruit and vegetables grown in the Pacific Northwest.
  • You will become more aware of what the true difference is between buying at the store and straight from the farm.
  • You will receive a weekly newsletter and recipes.
  • You will receive 20% off any additional purchases at our farmer's market booths.
  • We have the pleasure of knowing who is eating our product and feel more satisfaction with our work.
  • Farmland is preserved from development.
  • Farmland is preserved from harmful farming practices.
  • The community gets an economic boost when food dollars remain within the local economy.
  • You will pay upfront for your share.
  • You will need to pick up your share on a day and farmers market that you select.
  • Each of you will receive the same assortment of produce each week, no custom orders (Allergies are the exception). You will be trying new vegetables.
What is the cost and season?
The cost of our Harvest share is $475 for a full share and $275 for a half share. Our season runs from mid-June through mid-October for 18 weeks.